Author Mentoring

Writing a Book is no Simple Task. Having a Successful Book Writer Mentor you Through the Book Writing Process is Invaluable.

“The most successful people in the world hire a mentor who has accomplished what they now want to pursue.”

—Robert Nahas

The Reason Why Most People Fail With Their Books

Being a famous author is on almost everyone’s bucket list, but few ever fulfill this life achievement.

Fear of being laughed at by colleagues or rejected by thousands of people is usually enough to put writing a book on the back burner.

Most people I’ve talked to have the insecurity of not knowing whether their book’s concept is worthy of being published. “Would other people even want to read about this?” many ask.

Besides the aesthetics and appeal of a book, there is the technical side. There is a lot to know and understand.

The problem becomes: do I make book writing my full-time endeavor and, over time, become knowledgeable enough to finally publish a great book? Or do I put it off until I retire and learn then? Neither of which are practical for most people.

Work, family, career, money, bills and an array of other reasons make this dilemma of producing a high quality book nearly impossible. This is probably why there are so many bad books published today.

People who don’t know better try to put a book together in all the wrong ways—mostly by copying what others (who themselves are guessing at it) are doing. Or they listen to the advice of the wrong people—people who might be expert in a few things, but books are NOT one of them.

But you have something important to share with the world. So, what do you do to make sure you become one of few highly successful book authors and entrepreneurs?

How to be One of the Successful Book Authors

With all of this difficulty and failure, there are individuals who have become extremely successful through their books and being a purveyor of information. This means some people pursue their book author endeavors in a way that is extremely successful.


This just cuts through all of the confusion, false information, uncertainty, insecurity and worry about creating an impactful book.

Like in any area of business and success, having someone who has already accomplished the goals you want to accomplish AND has successfully mentored others through the process, having a book author expert mentor you is the right way to get your book written and published.

If you’re not sure what to do next, take these simple steps right now:


Contact Writer Services and speak with a book writer mentor right now.


Have a strategy meeting with him/her about your book and start a plan.


Start taking the easy steps of your plan knowing you’re moving in the right direction.