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Book Editing Services

Book Editing Services

  • Most of us can come up with great ideas and know what we want to say when putting things in writing. But when it comes to getting great concepts and ideas across to the reader, most people fall short of the task. This is where effective editing can really help.

    A good editor understands what the writer is attempting to accomplish. A good editor can tell how the writer wants to influence the reader. A good editor can also make certain that these and other vital elements are never overlooked.

    The way in which a piece flows and how things are communicated can make the difference between success or failure in achieving the desired results. Whether it is a novel, dissertation, short story, article or proposal, having a good editor to review and critique it is a necessary facet in the evolution of written material if any professionalism is to be attained.

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“Pay for an editor. Not just to fix the typos, but to actually make your ramblings into something that people will choose to read … And hiring your own editor means you’ll value the process more.”

— Seth Godin, Bestselling Author

Our Book Editing Services Testimonial

“Writer Services is by far one of the friendliest and most professional online services of its kind. From the minute they responded to my first email, I knew they were the right people to trust on my novel. Not only did they help me edit my novel to perfection and deliver it on time, they also provided valuable insight over ways to improve and sharpen my writing skills. I definitely recommend them.”

–Chadi Ghaith, Author of Mimadamos


“It never fails to amaze me how the people at Writer Services catch errors in grammar, punctuation, and fact that no one else does. Always on time, always affordable, always professional, Writer Services is a great asset to anyone in the business of communicating through writing.”

— Jason Kahler, Team Leader / Project Manager

Below is a comment about an author’s book (who did NOT utilize Writer Services) from an irate book buyer. This comment, sadly, has been posted at the world’s largest online book merchant for millions of people to see. It is one example of what can happen if your book is not properly edited and proofread: 

“The author, Xxx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, may have some sound, very basic advice on her subject, but oh does she need an editor! Redundancies and serious typos unfortunately make this short book almost impossible to read. From the back cover: ‘Many people dream of starting a business — but are hesitant to start a business of their own because they don’t know if they’re the right sort of person to be starting a business or are worried that they’ll start a business and fail.’ Does anyone else think the idea is overstated and that the word ‘business’ is overused?

“A couple of gems from the first few pages of the book are: ‘. . . it is your responsibility as a business owner to not take risks but only calcuated risks . . .’ (?) and ‘. . . You need a business name that will help you create a business name . . .’ (okay). Again, I think the author does have basic advice to impart, but she really needs help expressing herself. If you can’t deal with lack of punctuation, misleading typos, nonsensical sentences, and redundancies, please look elsewhere!”

Here (below) is one true example of what happens to thousands of aspiring authors who do not take the proper channels and get their books professionally polished. This is a posting at one of those “substandard” online venues:

“In hingsight i’ve learned this book needed MAJOR editing and ‘filling’ before it was sent to publication, however, in my state of eagerness to get it published i sent it as is. Now i am trying to seek the aide of an editor or ghost writer to assist in revising this work for republication.”


  • “Writer Services has made my life so much easier! They are fast, easy to work with, and most importantly helpful and accurate. Writer Services has gone above and beyond to finish projects for me on tight deadlines and never sacrificed quality in the process. When I send my work to Writer Services, I know I will receive a clean, thoroughly-proofread and fact-checked project back in a timely manner. I recommend Writer Services to all my colleagues and anyone who values unmistakable quality! Thank you!”

    Publisher — A. Sossi, Project Manager, Classroom Technology


  • “I worked with many freelancers in the past, and was by far the best. Those who utilize your services have better products, which is backed by the fact that many companies come to you needing serious repair of inferior work from what is ‘the norm’ out there in editing, proofreading and fact checking services. To play around with mediocre services is risky business. Thank you, for contributing to the quality of education and the integrity of the literary world.”

    — Sara Baker

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