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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Create a Book.

How Much Does it Cost to Write a Book?

The cost to write a book depends on whether you write your own book or have it written for you.

If you write your book yourself, it costs you no money but rather your time and energy—a pretty good trade for free book writing services.

If you decide to hire a professional book writer, how much it costs to write a book depends on how many words your book ends up being. But to give you something to think with, many books are written for $25,000-$100,000 and much more if a top-level book writer is involved.

What Education is Needed to Become an Author?

The official answer to this is, as quoted from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – : “A bachelor’s degree is typically needed for a full-time job as a writer. Because writing skills are essential in this occupation, many employers prefer candidates who have a degree in English, communications, or journalism.

If you research the most successful people in the world throughout history—those who have made big impacts on the world—you will find that many, if not most, of them had very little education.

Did you know that Mark Twain, genius writer and the father of American literature, only had an elementary school education?

Steve Jobs, Rachel Ray, Michael Dell (Dell computers), and Ted Turner are just a handful of people with no college education.

Writing books involves creativity. You can leave your poor sentence structure, poor grammar and spelling mistakes to book editors and book proofreaders.

To answer “What education is needed to become an author,” the answer is not much at all. If you can tell a story or explain something, you can write a book as best you can. From there, professional book writers, editors and proofreaders will polish it into a book you can be proud of.

At Writer Services, we commonly write and edit books that end up being bestsellers. Now that’s a quality book! Wouldn’t you agree?

Why Write a Book?

There are so many reasons to write a book. You have one special reason, a little different than anyone else’s.

Here are some of the reasons our past clients had their books written:

  • to help others
  • position myself as an expert
  • to share my knowledge
  • to inspire others
  • to be seen as the best in my field
  • to be paid more in my business
  • to have the media see me as an authority
  • to open more doors of opportunity

These are just a few of the reasons our clients have given to the question, “Why write a book?”

Why Become an Author?

See above “Why write a book”. The answers fit “Why become an author” as well.

Is it Hard to Write a Book?

“Is it hard to write as book?” is a question that only offers a subjective answer. Whether writing a book is hard for someone is based on one’s attitude, fortitude, experience and other factors.

For me, it was never hard to write a book. Why that is, I do not know. But writing books has never been challenging for me.

I know it seems I’m hedging a solid answer to this question, but there’s one thing I can be clear and definite about:


That, I can guarantee. In fact, I’ve taught countless others how to write their books and save a good amount of money by learning this amazing and wonderful craft.

If you would like to know more about my book writing mentoring program, send me your name and email address through our “Contact Us” form, and we can see if you qualify for this program. I promise I won’t allow you to pay unless I am 100% confident that you can learn how to write books.

If accepted into the program, it will change the trajectory of your future.

Can Anyone Write a Book?

Straight from the philosophy of Writer Services’ president, Robert Nahas, we strongly believe that anyone can achieve anything they want, so long as they have these three qualities:

  1. Desire
  2. Drive
  3. Know-How

So, to directly answer this question—with adequate degrees of the above aspects—a definite YES. It is possible for anyone to write their own book.

Once that is understood, then it becomes necessary to evaluate whether it is actually possible to get your book written in a timely manner. One of the heaviest things to consider is whether there is enough available time due to lifestyle. This and other important things can be resolved and aligned in the group mentoring program, THE FORMULA FOR CREATING A SUCCESSFUL BOOK. This program also deals with the “Know-How” quality mentioned above, in an easy, step-by-step process.

Why, Then, Would I Want to Hire a Ghostwriter?

There are many more, but here are two reasons you will want to consider:

  1. The power that is generated when a single person has another to work with directly is immeasurable. And this directly affects the quality, timeline, creativeness … ultimately, positive outcome of your book’s writing aspect. Realize that a better written book means a greater likelihood of achieving your goals. In other words, the better your product, the more appealing you will be to a publisher and the world at large.
  2. More times than not, we’ve seen it take far too long for aspiring authors to write their books by themselves. We’ve also seen poorly written books that could have been bestsellers if only they were better managed by someone with know-how (there’s that quality again). The list can go on quite dramatically, but you get the point. The main thing is that you get your book written, it’s VERY appealing, and written in high-quality.


How Does the Book Writing Process Work?

Writing a book involves one key objective: getting the concepts, thoughts and ideas from the author’s mind onto a tangible, accessible medium. We simplify the entire process by finding out which means works best for our clients in relaying their information so that we can, in an author approval process, turn it into an interesting, high quality book that people just can’t put down. And per the feedback of over a decade, it becomes a VERY enjoyable experience for our author-clients!

How Long Will it Take to Have my Book Written?

In most efforts to make a bestseller-quality book, an average-size book (250 to 350 pages) takes one year to properly write. This, of course, is influenced by the book’s length, the research involved, and so forth. Requests from author-clients to have their books written faster are always met with a willing attitude but never done so if it were to jeopardize the book’s quality or success potential.

Do I Need to Meet Face-to-Face With my Writer?

Writer Services writes books for people all over the world. Fact is, we have only met approximately 2% of our clients face-to-face. It is not necessary at all. It’s all about relaying information and asking the right questions, nothing more.


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Book Written?

With Writer Services, you have options. And these options were created so that just about anyone can afford to invest in their success.

There are particular circumstances with each project, but to give you an idea, the writing fee for book writing services is based on a per-page calculation. This is the best means for compensating your writer in a distinctly measurable fashion. This way, no one ever gets caught into a web of gray areas or unexplained charges.

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a well-known, top-notch writer’s price tag of $50,000 to $100,000 or much more. You may not even need that level of writer, but if you do, you can get that from Writer Services, just the same.

Essentially, we offer book writing services that suit every need, every budget and every desire with three price ranges:

  1. Elite Book Writer: $250 – $500 or more (per page)
  2. Best-Selling Writer: $175 – $250 (per page)
  3. Award-Winning Writer: $150 – $175 (per page)
  4. Up-and-Coming Writer: $100 – $150 (per page)

Does That Include Everything?

Our Book Writing Fees include having your book written. Professional Editing and Professional Proofreading costs are in addition to Professional Book Writing. This again falls back onto that all-important quality of “Know-How”. An informed author—or one working with an ethical, professional ghostwriter—will know that just like with any product, there are a number of separate steps in creating a great book; steps that require different individuals to accomplish.

Aside from just writing a book, there are also the important aspects of book editing and proofreading. For the self-published author, book editing typically comes into play after the first draft of the manuscript. And for a cost-effective approach, book proofreading comes after the manuscript has been formatted into a book through Book Design and Layout. (Publishers edit and proofread many times throughout the book writing process, but this is cost inhibitive for the self-publishing author in most cases.)

It is extremely important to be aware that most book writers offer editing and proofreading “included”. This is simply par with the vast number of pseudo-professionals out there. To suggest that one’s manuscript will be properly and adequately edited and proofread is a gross misrepresentation of what their clients will have at the end of the writing process. The fact remains that it is virtually impossible for a writer to edit or proofread his/her own work.

Is there a Contract?

Absolutely. An aspiring author should NEVER get involved with any book writer who doesn’t want a contract between the two of you. Contracts create clarity right from the beginning. They uncover any misunderstandings so there are no “surprises” later on. Writer Services has a contract that was built off of the National Writer’s Union’s guidelines and ethical standards. We feel you will not find a more amicable, well-balanced, fair contract anywhere else in the industry. And it’s written without a lot of confusing legalese; it’s easy to read and understand.

Bottom line, Robert Nahas feels strongly about having synergy (agreement, similar intentions, a common purpose …) between author and writer. And he has made the process of contract signing very simple and safe for all by enabling there to be no binding contract signing until after both parties come to better know one another through the initial data-gathering stage. This stage is also part of Robert’s group mentoring program.

Therefore, it is not until after clients go through the data-gathering and clarification stage, either through Robert’s group mentoring program or in a one-on-one basis, that a contract is signed. This way, both parties know for certain the personality and behavior patterns of whom they would be signing a contract with in collaborating to write one’s book.

How Does the Group Mentoring Program Work?

The program is 8 weeks in length. Each week, Robert Nahas releases a training audio and documentation from a member site that you log into. Additionally, Robert holds a live Q&A Call where he answers questions from emails and takes live calls from group members attending the call who have questions.

What is the criteria for being accepted into Robert Nahas’ group mentoring program?

One of the purposes of a strategy meeting is to see whether there is a match in what Robert is looking for in whom he wants to reveal his extensive experience and knowledge of what makes good books great with bestseller potential and the best ways that you can get published, among many other things. The specifics of the criteria are not revealed, as author consultants want to hear clear and personal responses from each person they interview.

Is there an investment involved?

Any worthwhile endeavor requires an investment of one kind or another. If you are accepted into Robert Nahas’ group mentoring program, “The Formula for Creating a Successful Book,” the fee will be disclosed to you at that time. What’s very exciting is that on the day of your strategy meeting, you will be able to save on your investment into your personal success by getting 1/3rd off of the program fee.

As the discounted amount is significant, you will ONLY have ONE opportunity to receive this special rate.

Why only a small group? Why not take as many participants as possible?

Robert does not want to share his information with just anyone. It is very valuable, and he reserves the right to share his information to whom he feels would benefit the most and make the greatest impact in helping improve conditions in the world. He has said many times that he wishes to “Help others help others.”

Also, as the investment is significant for his group mentoring program, and he avails himself in weekly LIVE calls, Robert wants to keep his groups small in order to be able to fully benefit those members, not reducing the value of his delivery to anyone.

If I’m not interested in writing my book but instead interested in having a professional book writer write it for me, would this program still benefit me?

Absolutely. As a key aspect to having an exceptional book that creates impact, there is a powerful and effective decision process that must be accomplished by the author, and no one else. So whether you write your book or not, this process has to be achieved. Therefore, by being a part of Robert’s mentoring program, this otherwise formidable process is made simple and easy to get done.

And as the results of this program are so significant from clarifying things such as goals for the book, goals for the author, purposes, milestones, topics that should comprise your book, title, the BEST way for YOU to publish and many, many other vitally important aspects, Writer Services offers a reduced book writing fee because of the time and energy that is saved by having an author-client who knows what s/he needs and wants.

NOTE: If one wants to be dealt with on a one-on-one basis for the data-gathering and clarification stage, that can be arranged. Of course, this would be at a higher cost than through the group mentoring program.

NOTE: Also realize that this very special program offers a book publishing opportunity not available anywhere else. If you have interest in getting published with a traditional publisher, this program opens the door to a bona fide publishing deal. And if you are interested in self-publishing, you will also learn about the pros, the cons and the many pitfalls that you MUST be aware of. So in any case, you are empowered with information and knowledge.

I have a busy schedule. Does Robert’s program take up a lot of time?

Not at all. Most of Robert’s clients over the years have been busy entrepreneurs, executives, specialists and VIPs. He understands the importance of making things precise and tailored for the movers & shakers of our society. And he took what was his 22-week study course and designed it into this 8-week program that actually contains more than his amazing study course contained.

This is made possible by the way the information is delivered to you. All of the Q&A Calls are recorded. Therefore, members are able to log into the member site anytime, day or night, and listen to Robert’s Training audios and Q&A Calls. As there are members from all over the world who attend Robert’s program, in different time zones, this format works exceptionally well for for anyone needing a more accessible schedule.
And if one has a question and simply can’t make it to a live call, they can e-mail their questions, and Robert will address them first in the Q&A Call before opening up the lines for questions from callers.

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