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HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS: If you would make a quick video of your experience with us, we’d really appreciate it. You can simply click the button above and start recording. 

The time limit is 5 minutes, so if you have more to say, simply record a second, third… video as you’d like.

Keep these things in mind…

1. GOAL/PROBLEM — What were you looking to accomplish prior to working with Robert Nahas of Writer Services? What was the problem you wanted to solve or the goal you wanted to achieve?

2. SOLUTION — What has it been like to work with us? What are the greatest benefits you’ve gotten from our prewriting process or book writing services? 

3. SIMPLIFY — How did this process simplify things for you? How has our services been beneficial to you?

4. EMPOWERMENT — What can you do now (or what do you have now) that you didn’t before?

5. RECOMMEND — If someone asked you, “Do you know of a reliable company that can help me write my book?” what would you tell them, and why would you tell them that?