Dr. Aaron Schlau:

Robert Nahas works with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. The power of having a professionally written and produced book is a very powerful thing to have as an entrepreneur. It opens countless doors, for years to come. His very first client, Dr. Aaron Schlau, was interviewed on TV recently about the book that Writer Services, LLC created with him. Here is a portion of that television interview.

Dr. David & Robert:

“Robert Nahas and Writer Services were great to work with. Their prewriting process really helped us top bring out our thoughts and intentions.”

Dr. Scott Betrand:

“Robert is great to work with. He has a way of rem moving the overwhelm of writing a book and knows exactly how to make sure a book is impactful to a specific audience.”


Lem Moore Interviews Robert Nahas on Saturday Morning Cup of Joe

Writer Services LLC Client Interviewed by NBC Network

Dr. Steve Webb came to Writer Services LLC a few years ago to have a book written that would help children be safe when at school. So far, his book Education in a Violent World has been a Best-Seller for 58 weeks straight! This is what can happen when authors work with the right team of experts.

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