Robert Nahas

Course Overview:

“There is nothing more valuable to an activity than the written word. The way in which you communicate directly determines the quality of response from your public and dictates the competence level of your staff.

“Writing is a combination of technology and art and though most anyone can write, there remains a vast chasm between unique, effective writing that creates results to the fullest degree and mediocre writing.”

Improve the Quality of Any Activity

Robert Nahas has written approximately 60 books for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs. Over the past two decades, he has become expert in crafting impactful books that increase interest, inspire and motivate readers to take action. This unique type of book positions the author as THE authority in their field, directly influencing their level of success in how much money they make and the magnitude of impact they make upon their community or the world at large.

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His experience also includes journalistic writing for national and international magazines both in print and online.

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