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A very wise philosopher once taught that in order to do the right thing, we have to look at all of life and livingess. We can’t just help ourselves and think that’s good enough. 

And the gauge of whether we are really making a difference or not is to the degree that we work to positively affect OTHER people, places and things, than our own. So you have to do something broadly, and this is the reason for this video today.

Hi, I’m Robert Nahas, CEO of WriterServices.net.

I wanted to find out if you were aware that, though most people are stuck at home with nothing to do but wait this pandemic out, there are some people who are still able to be very productive at home making money.

There are some businesses that can be conducted from home and even a few that allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

Seeing so many people stuck at home and worried about their bills piling up, I decided to do what I could to help alleviate the stress of this situation we’re in.

I know firsthand that there are people being very productive and making money right from their homes, because all of my book writers, editors, cover designers and marketers work from their homes.

I’m a bestselling author and professional ghostwriter of books. Though I believe from my own experience that this is the best job in the world, I’m not here to suggest you become a writer or a published author—though I would highly recommend it to anyone at any age. I’m here to let you know that I created a website that’s about to launch which offers training and empowerment on how to work from home successfully. 

You can learn to be highly productive and find your ideal work-from-home business. Courses will be coming out regularly on things like how to effectively promote and market your products or services and add additional streams of income to your life by working from home.

It could be weekend work or a full-time career; whatever you feel would be really rewarding and a lot of fun for you. Most of all, it’s a way of getting some control over things that are happening with our economy.

We are in uncertain times. There are politicians who want to keep us shut down for longer than we need to, and who knows what the future will bring? Is this going to happen every time flu season comes around? Are some politicians going to demand that we shut down again and again?

To get you started immediately, download this 5-Minute Guide Special Report where I share some excellent tips on how to work and get more done while working from home.

There ARE work-from-home businesses that are unaffected by economies.

Because this website was born out of a desire to help with the situation we’re currently in, we are, for a short time, reducing the course fees by 89%.

So I hope you will take advantage of the great effort, talent and passionate purpose I and my team have done to contribute to a silver lining to this pandemic and economic setback we’re in right now, and spread the word to others so they can immediately feel some palpable hope for the future.

There’s no reason to wait this pandemic out, doing nothing for your future. Waiting is the worst thing you can do. Time is on your side right now, so take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge of how success is made from home. 

It’s time to take control of your life the best way you know how. You’re going to get the knowledge you need at: EntrepreneurSuccessTraining.com.

Learn how to become more financially independent for yourself and your loved ones.

Thanks. I’m Robert Nahas. I’ll see you at this new and exciting website!

Now that you’re seriously considering reaching out to book clubs to promote your book, it’s important to know how to make your book club appearance or call-in a success. Here are some tips to help you facilitate a discussion that book club members will enjoy:

  • Set expectations with the organizer. Let the organizer know how much time you have to speak, and make sure you arrive or call in on time.
  • Be prepared. Plan to talk casually about how you got the idea to write your book, or how you became a writer. Share some anecdotes and be ready to answer questions.
  • Be engaging. Smile when you speak, and include some humor if possible. Keep your talk short and concise.
  • Expect awkward silences. Even the most well-organized conversations can have lulls. Be prepared to fill in gaps with anecdotes to keep the conversation going.
  • Be open to critique. Book club members may be critical of your writing or you as a person. Stay patient, gracious, and compassionate. Conducting yourself with poise and dignity will serve you well in the long run.
  • Upsell gently. Let listeners know about other opportunities to connect with you, such as your website or social media profiles. Talk about your next book or any other available works.
  • Ask for help. Let listeners know that you appreciate book recommendations and would love to connect with other book clubs and readers.
  • Send a thank-you note. A few days after the event, send a thank-you note to the organizer to show your appreciation for their time and support.

By following these tips, you can make your book club appearance or call-in a success and generate interest in your book among readers.

There’s more you can learn about this, so come back regularly to find more awesome information that will set you apart from your competition. 

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