Well, here we are; most of us spending day after day—for months—at HOME, in an almost unprecedented, sudden shift in our national economy and in the way we WORK. There are the obvious changes: millions of people unemployed, Wall Street in tatters, financial crises ad nauseam. 

But as we learn the most when facing adversity, there are lessons here. If not “a blessing in disguise,” the pandemic certainly has its silver linings. Seeing them requires only the desire and willingness to take a closer look.

Who are the people who still have jobs? Who is doing better now than ever before? One answer is: those who WORK FROM HOME.

As the economy slowly reopens, something remarkable is happening: workers are telling reliable sources that they don’t want to return to their previous place of employment. The pandemic has, in effect, doubled as an experiment in employee satisfaction. Before, few of us had the option to explore working from home. Now that so many of us have gotten a taste of it, there might be no going back.

Most of us, however, don’t have the luxury of simply staying home and doing nothing. Even if we did, we’d probably want to do SOME kind of work. Most people, by far, want to be productive.

So, all of this adds up to doing rewarding, profitable work from home. How does one go about finding the right job, career, or business to do from home? As with most good things, there’s a process if you want to do it right. Oh yes, and plenty of homework before you really begin working from home. 


Work From Home Reddit

Anyone can work from home, but what kinds of jobs are available? A good resource for lists and descriptions of today’s work-from-home options is Reddit, the Internet aggregator and ranker of articles, videos, and threads.

Here’s a list of some of the major categories of at-home employment:

  1. Entrepreneur/Author – That’s right, think big! One of the great advantages of a home office is that you can be your own boss. Here at Writer Services, we put into practice daily our core value that every entrepreneur should be an author and every author should be an entrepreneur. What are your dreams and passions? This could be the perfect time to pursue them through a successful home-run business.
  2. Customer Service – Literally thousands of companies hire outside customer service agents, and many (most nowadays) work from home. Through phone calls or live chats, they help customers with concerns, questions, and returns.
  3. Court House Researcher – Background checks and other legal research.
  4. Teaching/Tutoring – Several companies are pairing qualified instructors with students in online learning.
  5. Data Entry – There always seem to be jobs in data entry, and doing it from home makes it more pleasant work.
  6. Search Engine Evaluator – Large tech firms are always hungry for data, especially data pertaining to their own systems.
  7. Social Media – Marketing through social media is still a fast-growing industry, which means jobs. Through streamlined tech assets, these marketers make it easy and rewarding to work from home.
  8. Translator – Know a second language? You might be in the money with at-home work translating everything from legal documents to poetry.
  9. Transcriber – Transcripts provide valuable documentation of oral arts, speeches, and even television programs. (You’ll even find one later in this article!) The companies paying for them don’t need you to sit in their building. They just want the goods.
  10. Virtual Assistant – Many smart, successful people have worked as assistants of one kind or another at some point in their lives. It can be a great opportunity to learn and hone a variety of skills that come in handy later. Employment is now available via Internet platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Work From Home Tips

Here’s a crucial fact for your success in a home-based business or work-from-home employment: you must be EFFICIENT. I find that most people in my success-training seminars take this one word too lightly. “Efficiency, okay, work full, eight-hour days, take 30 minutes for lunch and not an hour … Got it.” No, it’s much more than basic time management and “putting in your hours.” Success in the home office means developing the habits of highly productive professionals. Efficiency means developing extraordinary FOCUS. Remember, very little from this point on is optional. Rather, these are indispensable pieces of the success puzzle. Don’t expect to do well while cutting corners. Every part of this special formula is essential.

  1. Maintain discipline in your daily routine. You’re working from home, and you’re more comfortable than at a traditional office. That’s fine, but your work—your success—deserves your respect. Get out of your pajamas, take care of personal hygiene and grooming. Dress (at least moderately) professionally. Eat balanced, healthful meals, and get your doctor-approved exercise in during breaks, after work, or both. It all adds up. You’ve now taken the first steps to maintaining a focused, nimble mind, and it will SHOW in the quality and quantity of your work.
  2. Optimize your home office or work area so your work flows smoothly (no taking five minutes to find the stapler). Give everything a permanent home: the files live here, the scissors live there, copy paper lives there, etc. Label all these areas if you must. You might be surprised at how much time such organization saves you.
  3. Set a measurable goal for your productivity. Here’s the fun part: if you reach your goal of doing the same amount of work in two-thirds the time, for example, you’ll have one-third more FREE TIME to enjoy your life, family, and friends.
  4. What are the roadblocks you might encounter? Here’s the main one: distractions. They destroy focus and efficiency. It might simply take good old-fashioned practice to let your smartphone rest while you work at peak performance. Maybe you need to keep the phone in another room and set aside a few minutes every hour or two to listen to your voicemail. Again, it’s paramount that you respect your own time and profession. Anything that distracts from that is something to remove, if possible, or mitigate in lieu of removal.

With these tools—and many more available at Entrepreneur Success Training—you can transform the way you work and increase the biggest factor in you making more money—PRODUCTIVITY.

work from home ideal workspace

Work From Home Benefits

So, with all the changes and toil needed for work-from-home success, why not just gas up the car on Sunday instead and join all the commuters on Monday on the old highway? Why not go to work, you know, where your boss WANTS you to work? It was good enough for everybody before the pandemic … Why not now?

Well, assuming that your boss actually wants you to work outside of your home—something that’s becoming less and less popular, for many reasons—YOU are ultimately in charge of what your career and work-life looks like. YOU can choose to become an author/entrepreneur or an off-site employee for a new company, or you can ASK your supervisor or the human resources person at your current job if there are options for people who prefer to work from home. Corporations with such protocols available can be found in greater numbers every day.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits of working from home.

  1. In the home office, you are in charge of the pace of your work—efficiency and productivity—which, as I mentioned above, is the KEY, sooner or later, to how much money you make.
  2. No commute. This can save you anywhere from one to three hours each day. That’s PRECIOUS time, of which I also spoke. Of course, you also save on fuel costs and mileage. And let’s not forget the very important factor of commuter stress: traffic jams, diminished punctuality, and the physical strains of sitting in your car for extended periods of time.
  3. Even breaks become more efficient and productive. You’re at home, where you can have more affordable, healthful meals. You can take any doctor-approved exercise. If you take a total of an hour break during the course of your workday, it will be time well spent. Time that’s an investment in you and activities that make you a better person and worker when you’re on the clock or off.
  4. If you decide to go the author/entrepreneur route, there are even more benefits, not the least of which are major reductions in overhead expenses like office space rent, utilities, and insurance.
Work from Home Indeed senior businessman with tablet

Work From Home Policy

As I noted earlier, if you decide to remain with your current employer or take a job with another company, it’s important to acquaint yourself with their rules and guidelines for working from home. If you’re not sure, you might want to ask if your employer offers work-from-home options. If so, find out what they expect from you and what you can expect from them should you both agree to go forward with it.

Some jobs, such as those in the medical field, have special requirements for ensuring patients’ privacy through compliance with HIPAA laws. You might need to put in place certain protocols at home so that patient or client information is secure.

Higher Productivity = Higher Earnings

We often hear current affairs described as “uncertain times,” and fair enough, they are. But they are also unprecedented times for examining and reflecting on the ways in which we go about our lives.

Think about it: the world has basically hit a giant “pause” button. This gives us a chance to rethink—redesign, if you will—our lives. Many Americans have already gone public, saying they DON’T WANT to go back to the old ways of doing things. Reopen, fine, but we’ve learned a lot in these few months, and some of us want to use that knowledge for the greater good.

Understandably, the long commute to work to then sit in a cubicle for eight to ten hours sounds even less appealing today than it did in March! But let’s think positive and look at the flip side.

Working from home can mean everything from a part-time customer service job to becoming a tremendously successful author and entrepreneur—in my view, the highest echelon in the business world. Really, only the sky is the limit.

I’m reminded of an article I read a few years ago about a “serial entrepreneur” from Florida. A start-up expert who successfully launched several companies before writing his first book with the assistance of a professional writer/editor.

Since publishing the book, he has launched or re-launched about a dozen corporations, including national brands, to the tune of many, many millions of dollars for himself. Here is a REAL influencer. He’s often consulted by other entrepreneurs for his insights and expertise. He’s perhaps the model author/entrepreneur, and every time I read about him, it’s yet another success story.

His is the story of nearly perfect synergy between the life of the author and the life of the entrepreneur—all wrapped up into one.

The author/entrepreneur with multiple streams of income controls their own destiny. S/He might have physical products, services, books, information products, and more in their portfolio. If you’ve ever wondered if this type of success is for you, now might be the best time EVER to delve deeper into your dreams and find out how to make them happen!

 Video Transcript:

There are two sides to every coin. Nobody asked for a pandemic or another recession, but that’s what we got.

The other side of this coin is opportunity. We now have an unprecedented opportunity to learn and explore new ways of living and working.

Working from home is a wonderland of vast opportunities.

Once you’re in the groove of running your business from home, you might find you’re getting all kinds of unexpected inspiration and motivation. Working from home can mean an opportunity to spread your wings and soar higher than ever in your business or career. There are certain freedoms of agency and goal-setting that, combined with discipline and efficiency, can result in never-before-seen success for you.

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