5 Reasons Why to Write a Book

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5 Reasons Why to Write a Book Early in Your Career

  There are countless reasons why to write a book. Here are a few that really count when it comes to being successful and creating a BIG impact in people’s lives…
  1. Gain an Edge in Your Field
  2. Get Media Attention
  3. Gain Inroads
  4. Shorter Runway for Success
  5. Expert Positioning

1. Gain an Edge in Your Field

Writing your own book gives you an edge. Having a published book moved you from the obscurity of being lost in the blur of thousands “just like you” who are competing for the same audience of buying customers, and places you in the small percentage of people who are seen as experts in your field. Once a published author, you stand out against (overshadow) your competitors in every way.  Learning how to write a book the right way (how to put one together so it really influences readers) will put you ahead of others in your field—often times. It works in any industry or field. A book, well written, can will give you a distinct advantage. 
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2. Get Media Attention

The Media outlets always seek experts. They mostly find them by searching for published authors of books. Once you are an author, you’re viewed as an expert, and everything changes. Radio, TV,  and other media outlets become more willing and interested in authors. This is a big benefit for published authors, as they may want to talk to you. Can be incredible exposure – free advertising to millions of people about you and your efforts.

3. Gain Inroads

When you become an expert, it’s a good idea to continue to build on your expertise by networking with others who might have inroads to places you want to do business in. It’s a “who you know world,” as they say. What’s interesting is, when you’re a published author, almost everyone is willing to talk to you, no matter what their position is in the social or business ladder. This is known as developing strategic partnerships. It can be mutually beneficial, as it enables you to run workshops together, offer products and services while sharing the profits or being introduced to one another’s contacts.

4. Shorter Runway for Success

Your book becomes your strongest marketing tool. There’s no better way to attract and hold the attention of your audience (people who have an interest in your book’s topic or you). And as more and more people read your book, it will leverage into being able to help people even more, through more in-depth training programs and other higher-valued products and services you have or can develop over time. This truly is a way to become extremely effective in helping others, and make money doing it. But even knowing how to write a book or having a book all by itself, won’t be a silver bullet to living out your highest dreams. It’s never just one simple activity that causes BIG effects.

It takes a strategy that stretches out a few or many years into the future. And it takes a practical plan on exactly HOW you’re going to make these big things happen for you and those around you.

Consider other marketing lanes beyond an ebook (information products), such as giving regular podcasts, as the public will want to hear what you have to say. People will begin to want more of you and hang on for your weekly updates. You can take the recordings and turn them into other information products like courses, free bonuses and so on.

5. Expert Positioning

Once you have a published book, you can use this prestigious positioning in everything you do. Let everyone you meet know you are the “author of the book…”. This can be in your email signature, on your business cards, during introductions you say it, and basically in almost every place where your name is typed.

Make “Author of the book [your book’s title]” part of your name. Just like a doctor, accountant, etc. proudly lists their alphabet soup of letters after their name, you do the same with your author statement. This carries great leverage and prestige, and people will give you instant respect and admiration for it.

Here is a GOLDEN RULE for you to live by:

THE MORE YOU COMMUNICATE, THE MORE SUCCESS YOU WILL HAVE. It ALL starts with communication because that is how you get people to know you even exist, what you’re about and how you can help them.

Stay Relevant

Keeping a regular (once per week) flow of postings on social media will increase your following and you in the minds of others. Think of it as free advertising and PR (Public Relations) efforts worth your weight in gold.

A caveat of this is you will not get a lot of direct love (response) for a long time, but realize that when someone looks you up, they’re going to see someone involved, alive and passionate. THAT is the type of person they want to work with, not someone they can’t find or last posted an article or simple post nine months or two years ago.

Blogs, Podcasts and Other Outlets

Whenever you give an interview, provide the link for your ebook sales page on your website to Amazon.com, so that more people can purchase it. You can also give it away as a way to get people interested in your coaching or products or services.

Ultimately, you can continually grow your business and build your career, and your overall potential to make more money will increase.

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Setting yourself apart from the competition is the secret sauce to accelerated success and a path of least resistance. If your business or career hasn’t been growing at the rate you’re happy with, setting yourself apart from the competition by being a published book author is the way to accelerate your success. It can be as simple as writing an ebook, for starters. If you’re in a crowded industry, such as a Realtor, a coach, a mentor, thought leader, or are unknown in a new area you want to enter, having a book of your own is even more important because of what it can do to establish trust and faith in you as an expert. Once you have successfully written on the subject, it will elevate you to the next level. Knowing how to write a good book is step number one. But there’s more to success than meets the eye. Just having a book all by itself won’t be a silver bullet to living out your greatest dreams. It’s never just one simple activity that causes BIG effects. It takes a strategy that stretches out a few (or many) years into the future. And it takes a practical plan on exactly HOW you’re going to make these big things happen for you and those around you. Why to write a book I invite you to strategize with us to discover the possibilities in how far you can take things. Let’s find your why to write a book. Fill out our Contact form and let’s see what your future can look like if you take action: https://writerservices.net/contact-us/ To your success, Robert Nahas, CEO & Bestselling Author

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