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How do we REALLY SOLVE recession-related problems? “Recession-proof”: recession-proof business, recession proof jobs … that’s what everyone seems to be looking for today, and for good reason. In the recession that began in 2008, with 14+ million unemployed people, bank bailouts, and a runaway financial deficit, Americans wisely sought anything recession-proof. What might be most surprising to many people, especially those standing in line at the unemployment office, is that a great number of individuals are actually doing well; many are experiencing highest-ever stats. I for one can vouch for this reality. And what I have found, one-for-one, with each and every booming business or entrepreneur, is that they are working on a recession-proof approach, whether they meant to or not.

What Makes a Job Recession-Proof?

What makes something recession-proof can be answered succinctly by saying you have to MAKE IT recession-proof. The actual source from which a down-economy can be overcome is from one’s attitude, one’s agreement to disagree with a recession.

What I mean is, there is truly nothing that you or I or anyone else can’t rise above and beat. In fact, 99 out of 100 business owners and entrepreneurs say they are flourishing right now more than ever. They have this in common: they said, “I’m not going to let it get the best of me.” And they rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

How to make money in any economy or situation.

What made it easier for them all is that MOST people say, “Oh my god, there’s a recession! I’m in trouble now!!” And instead of continuing on with their high productivity and promotional efforts, they conserve, they contract, they lay off employees.

You know, when you can make things go right when the chips are down, that’s the true test of a successful person. And if you find yourself suddenly unsuccessful, I’m sorry to be the messenger of unpopular truth, but you can blame no one but yourself. But here’s the good news. You can reverse your untoward scenario almost overnight.

How? By creating your own up-economy. By creating your own recession-proof scene, starting with a recession-proof business. Forget the resumes. Forget that you were laid off. Forget that people are saying, “It’s bad out there.” There are too many who are saying it’s great out there for you to “believe.” The sluggards keep repeating negative mantras to make themselves feel better about their misfortunes—which they totally agree to and accept.

So what should you do first?

The first thing to do is STOP AGREEING that it’s so bad out there that you can’t do anything about it.

Here are a few more truths:




As silly and simple as this sounds, you will find under your own investigation that this is the absolute truth. How can you prove it? By taking advantage of so many others who have fallen to apathy about it all and are doing nothing. This is like fishing in a massive lake that has shrunk down to a small-sized pond. Too easy!

You should find something that people want, and then offer them exactly what they want.

I can tell you, from years of experience, that this is the Information Age. People want information more than just about anything else. Why? For one of two reasons: 1) they want to learn how to improve their lives; 2) they want to have some escape time from the hustle-bustle of life.

Number one above is your key to incredible success because you can offer and create, with very little expense, exactly what people want—helpful information that will allow them to improve an area of their lives.

Now here’s where it gets really exciting. Once you have information created in writing or on audio CD or video, etc., you can sell it over and over and over again. This is automated income capability. You can see what typical authors of books earn annually. But also realize that this kind of passive income is limitless with all kinds of information products simply by offering valuable information to millions of people.

The profit margin is high because the cost to run such a business is low. It can be run from your home. And most of all … it is recession-proof. It’s a recession-proof business! And you can recession-proof yourself from here on out!

Go for it!

Best Regards,
Robert Nahas 

Now that you’re seriously considering reaching out to book clubs to promote your book, it’s important to know how to make your book club appearance or call-in a success. Here are some tips to help you facilitate a discussion that book club members will enjoy:

  • Set expectations with the organizer. Let the organizer know how much time you have to speak, and make sure you arrive or call in on time.
  • Be prepared. Plan to talk casually about how you got the idea to write your book, or how you became a writer. Share some anecdotes and be ready to answer questions.
  • Be engaging. Smile when you speak, and include some humor if possible. Keep your talk short and concise.
  • Expect awkward silences. Even the most well-organized conversations can have lulls. Be prepared to fill in gaps with anecdotes to keep the conversation going.
  • Be open to critique. Book club members may be critical of your writing or you as a person. Stay patient, gracious, and compassionate. Conducting yourself with poise and dignity will serve you well in the long run.
  • Upsell gently. Let listeners know about other opportunities to connect with you, such as your website or social media profiles. Talk about your next book or any other available works.
  • Ask for help. Let listeners know that you appreciate book recommendations and would love to connect with other book clubs and readers.
  • Send a thank-you note. A few days after the event, send a thank-you note to the organizer to show your appreciation for their time and support.

By following these tips, you can make your book club appearance or call-in a success and generate interest in your book among readers.

There’s more you can learn about this, so come back regularly to find more awesome information that will set you apart from your competition. 

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