Hello! I am

Robert Nahas

CEO of Writer Services

Thank you for stopping by to book a call from my “Speak To Robert” page.

I suspect you’re here because you’re excited about writing a book but would like to learn where to start and how to write the best book ever possible.

You also may be overwhelmed and feel that writing a book is daunting. You’re not alone. It’s common.

Robert Nahas

What happens on a call with me?

First, I’ll Ask Some Brilliant Questions


I’ll get started by getting to understand your goals, desires and challenges, and what you want to accomplish. Don’t worry, you don’t need to prepare anything; my questions will be very simple and straightforward.

Then, We’ll Identify the Best Strategy for You


The main goal of any strategy is to clarify what to do next. In other words, what’s the best “next step” you can take?
I’ll be honest about whether my experience can help you or not. If not, I’ll recommend someone who might be a better fit for your specific case.

If we both think working together is a good idea…

 I will explain what we’re doing here at Writer Services and work out the best way to get started.

Just so you know, We have courses, programs and done-for-you services, one of which will likely be a perfect fit for you. Understand that with anything valuable in life, you will be required to invest in yourself financially. But you knew that already. But please, do not make an appointment if you are JUST LOOKING or CURIOUS or any other non committing mindset. We are far too busy helping authors and entrepreneurs help a lot of people and cannot squander our time with someone who is not ready to take action.

What won’t happen on a call with me?

This call is a strategy session that has the purpose of both you and me getting into action, based on our decisions. The most successful people don’t “sleep on it” or procrastinate. 

It’s a conversation between the two of us to see if there’s any way my products & services can help you and your business.

My ideal outcome of having this call with you is that you understand how I help individuals have impactful books by either being shown how to write your own, or we write them for you. And if what I can offer is a good fit for goals, desires and budget, we move forward and make some excellent products.

Here’s What You Need to Consider Before Booking a Call:

If you’re okay with making a financial investment and serious about writing a book, then please go ahead and book a call for us to chat.

I really do look forward to meeting you!

If you’re ready to book a call…

I want you to be excited about meeting with me and taking these important steps in building your future success. 

Before you book the call, please be sure you are prepared to make a decision within the call, take action and make a financial investment in your future: