How To Publish A Book

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Book Writer Services

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The options one has in getting a book published are so much greater than they were just ten years ago. With newer technology, more small-run printing options, and the Internet, any aspiring author has so much more control and more choices than just the traditional route of seeking out and dealing with the whims of publishers.

I’m not suggesting that traditional publishing (selling your rights to a publisher who then prints, publishes and distributes authors’ books) is no good, archaic or a bad choice. Just that years ago, it was your only real choice in how to publish a book. Today, publishing a book is an entirely different game with many great options and one that is BEST for you.

There are a million and one different reasons for publishing a book. And there are just as many motivations behind each reason. Someone might want to publish a book in order to share a great idea, while another may want to save another person from the unnecessary turmoil that they themselves went through.

Still another may want to teach others how to do something that will improve their health or their lives in general. The motivations behind a book idea, the things that drive people to publish their book idea, can be solely for profit, or maybe they are driven by a burning desire to help others.

Yet others will only seek fame, and still others will have a combination of motivations. Whatever the reasons and motivations, they are all valid in the eyes of the author and therefore worth pursuing, if only for personal gain or for a much larger perspective of reaching and creating an effect upon the masses.

But before one can get a book published, the obvious but grossly overlooked step that is vital to getting a book successfully published is getting a book professionally written. Putting too much attention on publishing is like wanting to win the Daytona 500 but never considering the necessity for a professional race car.

It is more obvious in car racing that if one were to use a car that was not up to snuff with Nascar standards, the likelihood of any success is little to none. But in book writing, it is not as easy to see. One MUST have a professionally written book, one that reads well, moves or motivates readers in some way and keeps them unable to put the book down because it is so interesting or moving.

A book needs to be a high quality product in order to be able to publish it, just like a racer needs a high performance car to win with. So the first thing you must consider in how to get a book published starts with getting a high quality, professionally compiled book written.

THIS is your vehicle that will allow you to successfully get your book published. If you already have a book written, you need to verify it. Not by family and friends or inappropriate entities that are only interested in your money for so called publishing. You need to have your book read by a professional editor.

You can search on the Internet for editors, and there are online venues where hundreds of editors have a shingle up for business. But buyer beware of the many pseudo-professionals that lurk around every corner, in every area of the Internet and in real life.

We give free consultations to writers and authors who want their manuscripts evaluated and let them know their options as well as offer different approaches that best suit their needs and budget without allowing QUALITY to suffer.

If you don’t have a book written, then you need to find a bona fide book writer, one that can make your publishing dreams possible. I will cover this in my next article, which is part of this HOW TO GET A BOOK PUBLISHED series. I would also like to highly recommend the e-book HOW TO GET A BOOK PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN: Know ALL Your Options Before You Start!

Click the link to read more about it. It describes in detail what you MUST know that will enable you to end up with a professionally written book, one that you can get published!

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