You Can Write Your Book Even If You’re Not a Writer


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Book Writing Webinar Summary


Robert Nahas welcomes participants to a book writing webinar without being a writer.

Robert emphasizes the importance of being a published author, citing numerous benefits such as recognition, respect, and increased opportunities.

He encourages listeners to take notes and asks questions throughout the event, as he will answer as many as possible at the end.

Writing and Publishing Books with a Focus on Success and Failure 10:47

Robert Nahas, founder and CEO of Writer Services, shares insights on writing and publishing books.

Robert emphasizes the importance of having a process and being logical in one’s approach to achieving success, rather than relying on chance or hoping to hit the lotto.

He encourages the audience to continue striving for greater success and helping others, with the goal of enhancing lives and seeing greater results through books of their own.

Writing a Book with a Focus on Overcoming Obstacles 15:57

Robert acknowledges the common struggle of aspiring authors to start writing their book due to various internal and external influences.

He assures listeners that they can overcome these challenges and feel empowered to start their book without further delay.

Robert criticizes self-help gurus for promoting unrealistic writing goals.

Writing a Successful Book with a Clear Process 21:12

Robert explains why writing a book can be overwhelming and confusing, citing conflicting advice from gurus and lack of clarity on how to start.

He emphasizes the importance of starting with gradients and steps, rather than jumping straight to writing, to ensure success.

He also shares his formula for writing a successful book, emphasizing the importance of resonating with readers emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

He provides an example of his past client and now friend Wayne Swan, who wrote a book despite being a non-native English speaker, and the positive impact of using his formula.

Writing a Book with a Clear Purpose 26:30

Robert emphasizes the importance of a pre-writing process to create a book that resonates with readers’ deeply.

He offers a conversation opportunity at the end to further discuss this program and help writers plan and write a good book.

Robert explains the 7 phases of importance for preparing to write a book, starting with purpose.

Writing a Book with Goals and Purpose 32:40

Robert explains the importance of understanding one’s purpose and goals, and how they can be applied to both life and book writing.

Nahas encourages listeners to identify the effects they want their readers to feel and take action as a result of reading their book.

Robert Nahas emphasizes the importance of clarifying key points before starting to write a book.

Setting milestones and achieving significant achievements along the way helps to stay motivated and track progress.

Book Writing Formula and Audience Analysis 38:14

Robert Nahas emphasizes the importance of understanding the audience for your book, as it’s crucial to tailor the content to their needs and wants.

Nahas emphasizes importance of simplicity in book writing, making one main point per book.

Book Writing Process with a Focus on Brainstorming Topics and Outlining Content 43:02

Brainstorming topics quickly and without judgment to create a refined topic list for a book.

Nahas outlines book writing process, emphasizing importance of prior knowledge and intentional flow.

Writing a Book With a Clearly Defined Purpose 47:51

Robert emphasizes the importance of preparation, including creating a detailed book synopsis and elevator pitch.

He discusses various publishing options and the importance of determining which is best for an author’s goals and purposes.

Nahas encourages the audience to identify the purpose of their book, beyond their own personal goals, to make a bigger impact.

The audience is prompted to write down one or more answers to the question “What is the purpose of your book?” and share them in the chat.

Writing a Book for Entertainment and Purpose 54:38

Author aims to entertain and educate through fiction, teaching lessons that contribute to personal growth.

Robert seeks to use a book to quickly grow your business, make money, and help others.

Writing a Book with Impact 59:44

Robert Nahas encourages book writing webinar listeners to set milestones and celebrate significant achievements along the way.

He suggests writing a schedule to determine when and how often to work on their book, even if it’s just an hour a week.

Robert shares how an exceptional book can change people’s lives by making it relatable and inspiring.

Case Study: Lori Stevens’ book, inspired by her personal experience, helped many people get off drugs and find hope.

The Power of Impactful Books that Can Change Lives 1:05:09

Lori’s impactful book about her life as a former drug addict and convict led to her being reunited with her daughter, who had been taken from her by the state.

Lori’s book alone led to her mother being found, despite the fact that Oprah’s people were not involved in the reunion.

Inspiring stories of success from past clients, including a mother given a second chance to make things right with her daughter and a businessman whose book exploded his success.

Writer’s Block & How to Overcome It 1:10:00

Robert believes information is more valuable than precious metals or stones, and people will pay for it.

He shares a solution to writer’s block, saying it is caused by not deciding what you want to write about or have.

Robert Nahas is excited to share his book writing formula with a small group of individuals, as it has helped many people overcome writer’s block and write books faster and better.

Mr. Nahas believes that writing a book is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and business owners, as it allows them to share their knowledge and expertise with others.