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Book Industry Expert to Mentor Small Group of Entrepreneurs From Idea to Published Author . . . in Just 8 Weeks!

Whether out of sensible savvy to position oneself as an expert or from the increasing responsibility to improve the world by enlightening/entertaining others, statistical trends show that more people are looking to be published authors than ever before. But with this comes the disheartening, heavy statistics of failed books and unfulfilled dreams.

Evident from present and historical data, as well as surveys with many first-time authors and entrepreneurs, the outcome of the majority is seriously lacking in two areas when considering “success” or “failure” in the eyes of the aspiring author. The first of these is the high percentage of individuals who were unable to get a publishing offer from at least one legitimate traditional publisher (vanity presses not being counted as “legitimate”). The second observation is the shortcoming in the number of books sold.

“There is no doubt that books educate minds and can empower groups and societies at large,” says CEO of, Robert Nahas, in a recent interview, “but this can only occur when the right actions are taken.” He is also a bestselling author and has been working in the book industry, helping aspiring authors and entrepreneurs for more over a decade.

According to Mr. Nahas, there is a direct reason for “failures” with books and that they are even being made to fail by unsuspecting individuals who would otherwise see much success for themselves in fulfilling their personal goals on many different levels and areas of their lives and in business.

“It sounds very obvious, yet thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring authors spew out books without adequate decision, direction, planning or know-how,” Nahas continued. “Would anyone get into the cockpit of a 747 and take off without first educating themselves on how to fly and land one? Of course not. And would they wait until they were almost out of fuel and over a vast ocean before determining where they were going? They’d better not! It simply takes A CALCULATED, WORKABLE PROCESS to do anything well, to make anything successful. Knowledge breeds ability. And these two elements (knowledge and ability) are the pillars to success with one’s book, career or with anything in life.”

Robert Nahas not only showed passion in this interview, he has recently decided to back his words with action. He is going to mentor a small group of entrepreneurs who have an idea or desire for a book, and, in just 8 weeks, show them how to go from concept to books-in-hand AND get published by landing a traditional publishing deal. Nahas purports that each of his graduates, if they take action, will be published authors in as little as four months from the start of this mentoring program.

A New Approach to Book Publishing

It’s common knowledge that it can take several years to find a traditional publisher that will even talk to first-time authors, and another two years to publish a book once a publishing deal has been finally signed. And then there are other conflicts, like communication breakdown between author and publishing editor, among other things.

Robert Nahas has devised a sensible twist on book writing and book publishing for improving the current failing system. He has cleverly positioned himself as not only a mentor for authors in creating the best book possible for themselves, but also as a liaison by working directly with traditional book publishers for his clients. “In short, first get the solid agreement from a publisher to publish his clients,” said Nahas, “and then create a collaborative environment in writing a stellar book everyone (author and publisher) can be happy with, and have no stops all the way to the bookstores!”

Robert Nahas is a book industry expert with 15 years of hands-on experience in the book writing and book publishing world, both as a ghostwriter and in being a mentor to entrepreneurs and aspiring authors in writing page-turning books that influence large audiences. To date, he has written close to 60 books.

This new approach to book publishing shows great promise for entrepreneurs and authors, especially those fortunate enough to be selected for this very small mentoring group. There is a fee involved for the mentoring that is provided.

With only a few seats and very specific criteria regarding candidates, the chances of being selected for this program seem slim, though the non-procrastinator might find oneself as a published author in a matter of months.

To inquire about being considered for this book publishing mentor group, Robert Nahas is offering a Stratagy Session to work out your goals for your book. If you would like to be part of this program, let’s talk briefly and see if we have a good fit. Fill out the form below: 

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